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Self Obsession Is Impeding Our Humanity

At What Point Do We Become Responsible and Accountable

I will just shoot this one straight, the perennial attitude of the majority in today’s day and age is    self-obsession, look at me now, what I can do for myself what I am entitled to. There is little regard for how our actions and behavior factor into the wider community and the world.

In a real way we pursue our own selfish desires with no regard for how it affects the man next door or the man ten thousand miles away. We want the greatest of freedom and opportunity without the slightest bit of responsibility.

We live the life we live because of the advent of civilization and the advances in science and technology however we are seriously plugged into the benefits and mindlessly avoid the duties and responsibilities.

We see ourselves more as having a right other than enjoying a privilege, as a result whatever comes to us in terms of means and opportunity it is used in a selfish and sometimes destructive way.

First thing a person will tell you, is that they owe no one anything, why doesn’t he go to another planet or go into full isolation and let us see how you feel about that statement then.

The idea of community is the very foundation on which we are able to live the live we currently enjoy if we betray this concept continually we will find that the atrocities that come upon us worsen as times go by.

If everybody is pointing a figure no one thinks they have a responsibility is like the guy I saw as I was about to enter the barber shop, throwing his empty box on the road side then a few minutes after he is in the barber shop talking about he cannot believe the behavior of the younger generation.

A next guy was hyped in the debate contending that education and role models is what the youths need and in my next visit to the barber shop he was there with his son who seems to be around 7 years old standing beside him while he was lacing his mother on the phone in the most disrespectful way.   Can you fandom that level of double standards, ignorance and hypocrisy?

As the singer said “nobody wants to plant the corn everybody wants to raid the barn”.

The handover, avoidance, shirking and abandonment of our responsibility as members of a family, community, country, nation and a world are seriously retarding our social and humanitarian progress in a huge way.

As Mother Teresa once told a reporter many years ago when the reporter ask how can I contribute to world peace? She said go home and love your family.  It all starts with us, being the change we want to see in the world.

Ultimately less we forget as Warren Buffet put it: someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree 20 years go.

As Einstein said it has become glaring obvious that our social humanity is seriously logging behind our technology.  Whatever you withdraw from let us we willing to deposit to, in a real, long term and thoughtful sort of way.

We all have a role to play.

How to decline an invite to a self pity party

love it…… very good post. We must train our mind to stay focus on the positive or at least be vigilant when it goes to negatives and switch right back. Our ability to manage our STATE is key, as problems will come and they tend to come right at the moment when a golden opportunity lurks. If you cannot stay positive you will blow it. Pour positive references into your mind so you can draw on them from when you must. Keep up the good work Jcee

How to decline an invite to a self pity party How to Decline An Invite To A Self Pity Party

When you think of a party, you may think of a moment of fun time.  A moment of letting your hair down lol and enjoying yourself.  This is the total opposite outcome of going to a self pity party.  It will drain the life out of you mentally and physically.  It will take your self esteem to a low level. You may forget that hope ever existed.  It will have you comparing your life to others. invite

Now, by looking at the invite above, I would not want to go.  Would you? It would be good to think of this when the invite of self pity party comes.

Self pity includes spending time and energy on what has not or what is not going on right in your life (hurts, hardships, bad times, etc).  One sure way to decline an invite…

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The Size Of The Fight In the Dog

fight in the dogWP
In my Facebook  blog group I concluded yesterday’s post with the above statement and one of my readers asked that I elaborate a little more on it. I thought long and hard about how to expound on it. Maybe because I take being tough for granted because of the way I grew up and how humble I am it seems easy to me.
The first thing that came to mind though as I ponder is something David Brinkley said: a successful person is a person who can take all the bricks the world, people, life and circumstances throw at him/her and lay a perfect foundation with them. So the boy or girl who is to become a great man or woman has to have the tenacity of mind and spirit to overcome 1000 obstacles and 1000 repulses. I will also quote Charles Darwin: it is not the strongest or the most intelligent of the specie that survive and excel it is the one most responsive to change…. Your ability to ADOPT and ADJUST!!, and as my dear Grandma…Ms Adlyn (God bless her soul) would put it: A broad back and thick skin build barns and soft shell and “wear on collar feelings” plant corn.
Let me tell you as you press towards your goals, you will be tested in some of the toughest ways you can ever begin to imagine, you determination, resilience and drive will have to solid otherwise you are going to detour and clutch on to the nearest comfort zone that you see all your peers hanging on to and parading a fantasy that they are living the good, glamorous and perfect life.
We have become soft, reactive and coward as times goes by and as the world correct itself and technology reigns the chicken is slowly coming home to roost, it is not only because times are hard but as times get harder we get softer because we are lost. We go on autopilot, we seek a system and a routine that is normal and so called safe, though we are miserable, struggling and dying slowly.
Gone are the days when a degree, inheritance, a novel idea, a good job or talent by themselves could get you there and keep you there. Since globalization… you have got to be SOLID to even keep it, if you get it easy. Even if talent takes you somewhere that your mind can’t handle, those with the intelligence will design a “legal way to take a spoon out of your food until your plate is empty”.
They will work on your mind until you become a slave then they have you for lunch. Even with your skill, training and education the world is going to test you. Listen to me…. 20% of the people in every profession makes 80% of the money, the next 20% of the money share between the 80% of the people who are average the people that SETTLE.
Now nothing is wrong with average if you take it as a route that you pass through, the problem is when average is your destination.
If you don’t go through the process to get it, you will not possess the power to keep it, there is absolutely no short cuts if you go off on a side road you are likely to end up right back where you started. Tip of the nose thinking, a belly full or the bills month end approach, shall keep us at the brink of disaster. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS!!

Ladies and gentlemen when you knock the door of opportunity, guess what answers? hard work, discipline, dedication and resilience. If you are soft, spoil and weak, you may as well don’t bother to dream.
And let me just make this absolutely clear tough doesn’t mean you won’t cry, get depress, feel broken, lock yourself away, stop for a day a week or a month.
Tough means you will go through all that and more and get back up even with one eye, one foot, no hand, and as Churchill said to be successful you have to be able to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. There it is folks…. A constant struggle a ceaseless battle to bring success from inhospitable conditions is the price of success.

If you want good your nose have  run!! simple…..


Minding Our own Business

office setup word press blog image

How many times we felt like not going to work; until, let say midday probably, kind of just sleep in ?

But can you?, how much of us can unilaterally make that call? most of us can’t.

You dare not joke around with the company’s time and priorities, after all they have invested in this time by purchasing it from you, at a discount, I might add. So you will either be reprimanded, fired,docked or sanctioned. Talk about it going on your file, that is also on option, it is often stocked against you,held over your head for future ammunition.

How many times there is a need to get improved systems, tools, equipment, facilities at the office, but your manager says,” No can’t do” ? It is not in our budget, everybody have to put in the extra effort and make the sacrifices, as a department we have to use what we have to get to a certain point, then we can make that type of investment.

Another question; How many times you have had to rework the pickup schedule for the kids, the planned trips with the family, you couldn’t take the weekend off. Despite being desperately tired, you had to stay late to finish up. The deadline has been set and the company moved it up and squarely made it known that it must be met at all cost.

You were able to MAKE IT HAPPEN: despite all odds, despite the sacrifices and discomfort right ? you did it anyway!!

You see, you wouldn’t think of messing with the people’s’ business right? oh no! no! no!

Flip side to all that:

How many times you make a plan to go through your finances and make some changes, research an idea you have and possibly do a test run to see assess its feasibility? But you are too tired, you don’t feel like it. What do you do? do you get up and move anyway? or do you put it off ? maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, SOMEDAY!! which isn’t really a day….

How many times also the items at home looks dated, they work, but there are new releases, that are more modern on the market, a few more features perhaps, but not at all in the budget. Do you apply the same principle as the office does by checking the budget or delay the move until a certain other goal is achieved? Or may you just grab the credit card or jump at the Zero down, hire purchase  promotion that pops up in your email for the item.

When your alarm goes off for your exercises to begin, gym, jogging, work out at home. Is it a must for you or is it that the people’s’ business is more of a MUST and yours’ is a MAYBE”

It can be argued that you mind the people’s’ business so you can get to mind your own business, but is that really true because invariably you find that those of us who say no to OUR OWN PERSONAL business. Find ourselves in the long run only capable of ” Minding people’s’ business (the Job), so we can continue to be able to mind other people’s’ business (credit card, mortgage, food and loan company’s’  and the list goes on ) and no  where in it our business gets tended to.


As Jim Rohn: if you do things now that other find hard to do, soon you will be able to do the things other can’t do.



You Have Something Great To Offer

open arms

There is a saying that goes wishes shows up in conversation expectation shows up in behavior.

As goal setting creatures and creatures of habit, I am sure any regular person with average awareness and understand that our ability to manage ourselves, determine the results we get.

We all have the capabilities, the power, and the competence to achieve what we dream of our used to dream of.

We all know enough but few people actually do enough and even fewer do more than enough.

Here is a concept the natural order of the universe is abundance, nature supply everything thing in extreme abundance, more land, water, energy, mineral, food, ideas than we can ever use. The matter of how well it is distributed is another subject. My point though is: if you do not operate from a place of abundance then you are going against the flow of nature. Abundance in the area that you feel in your spirit is congruent with your purpose. You were born with your purpose , many of us gaze at others who have developed their own talents and abilities in amazing and awe to the extent that we fail to realize that we have something I us that is waiting to be developed and benefit the world. Warren Buffet has a quote that goes: SOME ONE IS SITTING IN THE SHADE TODAY BECAUSE SOMEONE PLANTED A TREE MANY YEARS AGO.

I believe as human beings we should effect positivity, create, impact in such a way that our gift can be felt far and wide directly and indirectly. You may not touch a life in Australia but the power, dedication and intent with which you touch your child, the neighbor, a friend or coworkers life, they may one day touch a million lives all because made your life matter.

Never accept the reality that the outer world present in the morning to pull you into its own folly and confusion, live from inside out from your own sense of awareness, values and principles.

Be great, be powerful, be pure in your thoughts and that will me manifested in your life and the things you attract, the universe is  one big energy field, connect to the positive and you will live a positive life.

Troubles and negativity are unavoidable, if you are centered and anchored from within you will be able to repel them and keep it together as you ride out the storm.

If you believe in nothing or if you are anchored to nothing you are at the mercy of what life throws you and as sure as night turns to day, adversities will come. You will never know your true strength until you have come up against challenges. You however can build a base of reference and inner strength to draw on and develop for the days when life calls you to battle.

As the proverb 24:10 if you faint in the day of adversities your strength is small.

Never be a follower at least not at the expense of your own principles, core beliefs and agenda.

It serves all of us to be morally strong and mentally fluid, as Dr. Carlston said in one of his books; be mindful that one day you will wake up and everything will change. I will follow that up with a quote I read somewhere that said: all I have learned in life can be summed up in three words “It Goes On”.

So today: WHILE YOU LIVE YOUR REALITY REMEMBER THAT THERE IS ALSO A POSSIBILITY TO LIVE YOUR POTENTIAL. A person need not concern his/her self with the full picture down the road, you will never be sure of that, it is about getting on the right path and finding courage, knowledge and faith to take the next step. Your instinct, God and the universe will attract to you what you desire as long as you are operating in your God given dominating ability. A person in this talent zones will stumble upon ideas, concept and strategies that he couldn’t even imagine.

Get Out The Noise…. Find Your Self….. Make your mark, deliver what you brought. You have come too far to not throw your stone.

knowledge & Intelligence

booksThe mark of an educated mind is the ability to entertain a thought without accepting it.. Albert Einstein

Education and intelligence is not one and the same, we often assume that a person with scholastic skills, with degrees and letters to their names are automatically intelligent, far from the truth.

Intelligence is more measured in application than in theory. It has more components to it there is morale, judgment, experience awareness and enlightenment mixed into it.

Our intelligence is sharpened when we are tolerant of opposing views and as we embark on learning that broaden our horizon. We develop a tendency to be  more open-minded and develop a teachable spirit.

We must seek enlightenment if we are to navigate the complex, dynamic world we live in today.

Your opinions no matter how informed you think you are, are not necessarily facts.

You may be right today and wrong tomorrow, these days right is time sensitive.

Your level of intelligence will determine in a major way the quality of the conversation you get pulled into. If you get into a dumb debate, you must know when to call it quit. A lot of times you will find that as your experiences increase, your judgment improve and as you learn and gather more knowledge you become more effective in its application, there by your intelligence improve. Intelligence is heavily tied to doing and embodying the experiences that arise out of actions.

Most of us see intelligence and knowledge as destination, we think, Ok, I know a lot I have done all this I am good. That is a serious mistake to make in life.

The man who has working knowledge and does well to apply it, stands very well as an intelligent person. As your knowledge becomes dated and what you know no longer works, you invariable start to look and sound like a fool. Now you may still sound intelligent but you have no workable knowledge of a specific area, nothing is wrong with that if you can admit it and move on to improve or move to something else. Where the problem comes in is if you are too arrogant to admit that you are not equipped to handle the task. In that case though you may seem intelligent, in real terms you cannot  be labelled as being intelligent if you are over run with ego and arrogance?  At least I don’t think so.

To my mind enlightenment is the foundation of intelligence, being aware and displaying an outlook that embodies fundamental principles of life and how what you know and do match up with real life outcomes, is ultimately the judge of your intelligence.

Our acceptance of core principles and the well thought out application of these principles is the mark of an intelligent mind, application being the operative word not on paper and not in eloquent speech.

One writer put it brilliantly when it comes to application of knowledge which I believe is the starting point of intelligence, I quote:  It is not enough to be smart in thought, to simply nod your head in acknowledgement of knowledge, but to act accordingly.end quote. The man who has knowledge and don’t use it is no better than the ignorant man.

Intelligence is tested against the greater good, may not be good for all but right for most, intelligence is therefore linked to truth, universal truth.

In The Vulnerable Times Don’t Lose Your Head


Often as we embark on the journey of life somewhere in the struggle   maybe when we transition to adulthood and even when we go through lows and sometimes when we are flying too high. We are to some extent highly vulnerable. It is against that back ground that we in the crisis of the experience falter in judgment and consequently find our self-falling victims to situations that turn out to impact our lives many years after, consequences that stuck with us. Nothing is usually seriously wrong with these error in judgement what is more the problem is getting caught in a cycle of  these poor decisions.

In all the pangs and toils we make some permanent decisions over a temporary situation. So we end up with wives, husbands, baby fathers, business partners, friends, assets, bills, court cases etc.

When you reflect for the love of God you cannot imagine what was going through your head

You can’t figure out how you could have blundered so badly, not that you think you are perfect but it is so darn obvious you want to kick yourself. There might be a couple of issues going on in your consciousness that you might need to address so you ensure you don’t unconsciously end up with the same horrible results in the future except that you took a different route to get there. Some of the main things you might need to examine and adjust are:

Discover who you are, not the mask you put on to fit in, be true to yourself, with the understanding that those who you are trying to impress don’t always matter.

Set your standards, know what you want and don’t settle, if you think you must have a partner and a car and red bottoms at all cost, then you will comprise away your entire self to fulfil these desires, eventually you will be unhappy trying to adjust yourself to fit into situations that is really not you because you have sold yourself short. If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything. Tame your desires, energy is finite, life is finite, money is but human desires are infinite.

Live by principle: it is about doing the right thing; someone once said what is each day but a series of conflict between what is right and what is easy. Don’t skip over the details; the devil is in the details. The road might be longer and more painful but it will lead you to an oasis. The short easy route turns into outright desert down the route. Tell yourself this every temptation to choose the path of least resistance: “everybody must pay to play; you can either pay now and play later or play now and pay later.

Learn from your mistakes or you will be doomed to repeat them it is senseless to be repeating the same drama for years only with a different label on it.

Make sure to do a matchup between: who you are, your goals, your priorities in one column and your friends, your work, what you read, watch, talk about and expose yourself to.

Now and appreciate your strength and weaknesses often we have a good thing going but we are so naïve, proud or stubborn we would never ask for help even in the areas that are not our strengths we try to do it all: small holes develop in the ship and slowly it goes under.

Learn not only from your mistakes but from the mistakes of those around you success and failure leaves clues. Understand systems and procedures develop a teachable spirit, you can’t know it all.

Quit running down yourself, be patient, come up for air pull back and look in often you miss so much because you are caught up on the inside. Meditate, take walks, spend some time I silence, you mind think you can’t make the time but later you find that you really couldn’t afford to not make the time.

Your health cannot be put off, that is seriously senseless, how can health be sacrificed for wealth,

Who will benefit from the wealth? So the doctor says an apple a day do you imagine that you can wait until the end of the month and eat all 31 apples?

Cover the down side; studies suggest that 75% of us will have a major disaster in 10yrs. By some insurance, save some money, live well with people.  It is not about avoidance we all will hit snags and rough times the word is MITIGATION. If you are at ten and trouble come and you fall to 5. It is easier to build than if the first sign of trouble you hit rock bottom.

Your life is a summation of your decisions, you must learn to keep things in the best possible balance one of the worst thing to happen to a person who has been through the roughest of time is to find themselves at the brink of a turn around after years of stress and cannot capitalize on the opportunity because they made a dumb move during the storm and it stands In the way of change and opportunity.

Threads carefully not cowardly, keep yourself at a level, put in some stops, hold your ground be ready….stay ready…… LET NO ONE OR NOTHING CORRUPT YOUR PATH OR, SCAR YOUR FUTURE…. IT JUST NOT WORTH IT.

And if you take away nothing from this post remember this line and let it soak into your consciousness “NEVER BEHAVE OR THINK FOR A MINUTE THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW, YOUR PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES IN LIFE IS WHAT WILL ALWAYS BE HAPPENING.”

What A Journey It Is To Success

fotoAnyone wishing to reach the mountain peak of his desires must be willing to walk through the valley of the shadow of death many times over. Nelson Mandela.

In my Facebook blog group (The Academy Of Success Happiness Freedom & Peak Potential) my group members and I spent the past two weeks exploring the primary building blocks that have to be laid to get on the path of success. We eventually tapered of with these ten points. Which I am convinced if applied in a consistent way would have taken you well out of the valley of mediocrity and average and place you in a decent position up the side of the mountain, and would have equipped you with the energy, hope and tools to go all the way.I thought I might as well leave them here also.

1) The starting point of all achievement is desire, over the last decade the market place has become so competitive you will have to upgrade to a BURNING DESIRE.

2) You must have ambition, you have to want something, have a larger vision for your life, you are special, you matter you are important, you have greatness within you.

3) Explore your God-given talent and work hard at it, I recommend do what you love because the natural enthusiasm that you will get, will surge you forward and your instincts and creativity will take you to great heights because you were naturally wired for that.

4) Failing that, chose and area of work and go for the top, whatsoever thine hands findeth to do, do it with all thy might, you may not be fully contented but financial peace if achieved will make it that much easier as the saying goes money don’t make you happy but it is better to be unhappy in a Benz that unhappy on a bicycle. And capable of taking care of your family.

5) Master your skill, excellence is the goal, undeniable, unavoidable, mastery of your abilities is where you should aim to reach. If you BECOME…. the money and the contentment will follow. This is the season to build get use to some discomfort. Make some sacrifice now.

6) There will be setbacks, but finishing and winning is about
stick-to-it-tive-ness, never give up, never go back, never stop. Set the goals, keep them in front of you commit to them, push, stay humble, stay focus.

7) Work your butt off, you have to be willing to put in the time and energy, heights that great men reach and kept…… long days, long nights, fully beat, mash-up, crushed are all a part of the journey. Hard work is unavoidable to the ambitious man or woman. Make a budget, save your money, live below your means. Invest get your money to start working for you.

8) Believe in yourself develop self-confidence, create a system, work your system knock out the small accomplishments, that will help to build your self-esteem. Write down your goals review them at least every two weeks make sure you are not slacking up.

9) Use your time well it is precious and its main characteristic is that it keeps dying, take a lot of action, be radical, double up on those action, and raise your standards constantly. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FAIL. It is prerequisite for success. Take a risk, give it a shot.

10) The only disability in life is a bad attitude….. Give up your excuses, lower your fingers; get in touch with your mirror. You are responsible for your own life.

Push On Through …. Keep On Moving

Keep Pushing…. Push On Through

You there hanging your head down…… You are searching; you have been battered and bruised.

You want to throw in the towel, you want to give it all up, you are done, it’s not for you…

No! No! not so fast, That’s not it, you just haven’t found your element, you strengths, you point of power

There is a redemptive power in purpose, your God-given ability…. It is in you, I implore you to push on through.

They are not giving out success, but it is ahead, somewhere, so push on through.

You are greater than all you see around you; you are no one else, you are you, Push on through

Be tough, believe, keep hitting, keep turning up, follow your instincts, and just push on through.

Embrace your challenges, ride out the bad times, keep going, and push on through.

You haven’t even dreamt of the amazing value that’s underneath that fear that doubt, that childhood pain, that low self-esteem, your desires are yours to gain. Push on through, you will obtain. Where ever passion is added to sweat dreams and goals are met.

Nothing, none of it, all of it no matter how big it is, it is not half as big as you. Push! Push! Push! on through.

Your struggle is real, but not unique, your pain is formidable but  is it not insurmountable, push on.

Take another shot my friend this is not the end, don’t give in, don’t quit you were born to win, push against it.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal, if you learn from it and nip it, if you never ever quit. Resilience will deliver it.

This is the day, this is the minute right now, take hold of it… push through

Not tomorrow, not next week, not on your birthday, not next year push on push, now is your moment, there has never been a better time. The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now.

Forget what you have lost, you still have another coin toss.

It is one away, always one away you will get there, push to your goals, and leave your mark,

You came here for a purpose. .. Push, push again, never stop….. it doesn’t stop it doesn’t end until they push you under and plant the tombstone. After that:

Your efforts will still be pushing through generations to come.

For as the plant pushes out of the seed and the seed disappears, the plant is a living testimony that the seed was here, and as the fruit bear…. More seeds shall appear.

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