Learning is a skill, the most important skill on earth. It is the reason we can walk, talk and carry out our daily task. You can learn something from everybody. Be humble drop the arrogance. It is easy to tell a arrogant person but you cant tell them anything. Be an avid learner, read something, watch something educational. Most of what you learned beyond 10 years ago is changing. If you do homework with your child you will realize that. For example In school we learned that Colombus discovered jamaica and saw the arawaks and caribes. They are not teaching that any more they are called the Tiano and calina Indians. Knowledge is power, an educated person is not a person who knows alot, an educated person is a person who knows how to find and use the information he or she wants.Get an education from school and you can earn a living, further that by educating your self and you earn a fortune.Cherish your knowledge use it wisely it is better to say less than you know among the ignorant and arrogant it is useless, My English teacher in high school Mrs Brady would say:shut up and save your breathe to cool your soup.