While there are a great number of people who sleep walk through life, I believe most people genuinely want something for themselves.

As Les Brown always quote: there are three types of people in life, there are winners, losers and people who don’t know how to win.

If the question is asked of most people to state  where they want to be in life, It might be difficult for them to. It is easy to say what you want. We often know the object we seek (house,car, money) the purpose and the appreciation of the process is what eludes us. We seem to be obsess with the concept of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” Some day disease” Stop Today and ask yourself.

Where am I going?, What do I plan to achieve?, Why do I want to achieve this?  Is what I am doing now really going to get me there? Who are the people that made it there and how did they do it? Design your life, take responsibility, care enough, set your goals, grow as a person. know where you are going, keep a fix goal in your mind,  develop a commitment, obsession and perseverance that is unflinching. There is absolutely no other way. I invite you to write down these steps to achieving worthy goals: Desire, thought, Action, Knowledge, Commitment and Perseverance

If you float aimlessly like a cork on the waves of the sea you are bound to end up on a shore of uncertainity