Types of People

I agree with Les Brown when he said there are three types of people when it comes on to winning, except that I add one category to his three:

There are winners, losers, people who don’t know how to win and 50/50 players.(my addition).

Winners are those who are driven, passionate, understand and are willing to do what it takes to achieve big goals. Winners believe in growth, dream big and have a plan for their lives.

People who don’t know how to win are those who do put their shoulders to the wheel work their butt off, but have misconceptions, regarding growth and how to align all the attributes needed to get the maximum benefits from their efforts.

50/50 people fall between winners and those who don’t know how to win.

These are the people who work hard, have enough ambition climb higher, have the discipline, fall into good breaks, get some opportunities and make the best of them. They never really set out to do great things but their efforts and opportunity took them to the winners’ chair.

Then there are losers (no ambition)…… only thing we have to say about them is aaaahhh. .. mmmm let me see….. well…. we no longer have major time to spend on minor things. STAY FAR.

I have pointed you to two main tools that we need to get in to the winners group:

Your book, and your self-confidence poem.

The table has been set; tomorrow we will dive into the meat of the matter on winning.