The is not much difference between the man who can’t read and the man who don’t read. Especially in these times that Peter Drucker describe as the age of the three “C”

Overwhelming change, increasing competition and complexity.  One writer said my tombstone will be my diploma. Commit yourself to a life time of learning and growing.

Notice if you are in the bank, in the airport, on a plane, in the doctor’s office, anywhere people have time on their hands:most people are buried in their phones,sleeping or doing some other time killing activity and as they kill time, time is slowly killing them and killing itself. Most people waste time gazing in the direction of frivolities,trivialities, environmental and commercially generated  distractions or sleeping. Anything to pass the time.Then they complain that they cannot find time to do anything. Only to wake up one day staring in envy at the accomplishments of those who choose discipline and focus. They worked you held down a job. They set goals you wake up and let life happened to you. They were playing the role of thermostat (setting the temperature) you were playing the role of thermometer (checking the temperature). If you spend an hour a day on the bus or train, that is 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month. 240 hours a year. What could you learn in half that amount of time… 120 hours. Lets say 5 hours per book that would mean 24 books per year. Go for half that if you choose, still pretty good.

Manage your time, manage your life, don’t be distracted, try not to spend your time rehearsing in your head all the things that you have to do or that’s bothering you over and over again. Manage your mental state, switch your thoughts to empowering ones.

Invest your time, you have spent enough a book is a good place to start.