We live in the free world, let no one make you feel guilty for making money or wanting to make money. If you want to be rich, be rich, if you want to be a millionaire go for it I will warn you against aiming to be comfortable.Comfortable and not rich can be temporary, it means you can’t take a visit from one of life curb balls and remain standing. You need a lot of money to be comfortable and that means you need to be rich. You need enough just in case after that just in case and a couple other just in case. Don’t think for a minute you are immune to the series of adversities you see people on the news experience. Its call life and it happen to the just and the unjust.

It is not true that money is the root of all evil. Look you can find evil in everything,more wars have been fought in the name of religion than for any other reasons. Isn’t religion suppose to be the greatest organized force against evil.  All types of people are evil both rich and poor, It is the mind that dictates the deed not the object. Do not demonize success as a therapy for your failure and your neglect to actualize your full potential.It is a greater form of evil to try to envy people who took the long journey to wealth while others take the path of least resistance. The man who make the sacrifice has a right to take is pay day, you cashed in when he was grinding, now he gets to cash in, when you are wining.

No matter what you think, who you are, where you live: an empty purse and a phone calls from a collector is not an uplifting voice on a bad day. That sounds more like the root of evil to me. I heard an advertising mogul gave  what I consider to be the best definition of money I have ever heard, here goes: money is not something to be use as a means of showing off flashy things, it is more a tool to offer you the opportunity to compromise little as you choose. It is miserable to live in a sense of perpetually scarcity, especially in a world of abundance. Ever have to walk six blocks, because there is no near parking and you budget is tight you have to double think valet parking? that’s not so bad what if you reach 60 years old and have to do that?

Financial freedom is one of the outstanding marks of success as maslow thoery suggest lower level needs must be met before higher level needs comes in to focus.A man must have food, shelter, clothing before you can ask him to think about the ozone layer and his community. I am not advocating that your greed or suggesting that money should be your main focus. I am simply saying that as you pursue your purpose  and achieve mastery in your skilled area, do make every effort to grow your finances, learn how money works, manage your money, make as much of it as you can, secure your financial future. 

I don’t need to preach to you on how much great people there are who has done extremely well at the game, work hard, live honest lives, only to find out in the old age that they have become broke, sick and miserable. They failed to respect money and spend time to understand investment.

With that said, I am here to tell you, I don’t care how much you earn, how much you are worth, what your goals are. You had better learn about income, investments, passive income and money management, insurance, retirement and savings. I am pretty sure that no matter how much you love what you do even if you want to work for ever, nobody wants to work forever on other people’s terms. You want to be on your own terms and that urge gets stronger the older you get.

So as you follow your dream, as you do it for the love of it, as you get better at it, watch the income side, the time will come when you will need it to solve a real problem and how accomplished will you feel if you are helpless and unable to rise to the occasion and fix a problem for a love one, or better yet fix a personal problem.

Remember the saying it takes cash to care…..