fotoAnyone wishing to reach the mountain peak of his desires must be willing to walk through the valley of the shadow of death many times over. Nelson Mandela.

In my Facebook blog group (The Academy Of Success Happiness Freedom & Peak Potential) my group members and I spent the past two weeks exploring the primary building blocks that have to be laid to get on the path of success. We eventually tapered of with these ten points. Which I am convinced if applied in a consistent way would have taken you well out of the valley of mediocrity and average and place you in a decent position up the side of the mountain, and would have equipped you with the energy, hope and tools to go all the way.I thought I might as well leave them here also.

1) The starting point of all achievement is desire, over the last decade the market place has become so competitive you will have to upgrade to a BURNING DESIRE.

2) You must have ambition, you have to want something, have a larger vision for your life, you are special, you matter you are important, you have greatness within you.

3) Explore your God-given talent and work hard at it, I recommend do what you love because the natural enthusiasm that you will get, will surge you forward and your instincts and creativity will take you to great heights because you were naturally wired for that.

4) Failing that, chose and area of work and go for the top, whatsoever thine hands findeth to do, do it with all thy might, you may not be fully contented but financial peace if achieved will make it that much easier as the saying goes money don’t make you happy but it is better to be unhappy in a Benz that unhappy on a bicycle. And capable of taking care of your family.

5) Master your skill, excellence is the goal, undeniable, unavoidable, mastery of your abilities is where you should aim to reach. If you BECOME…. the money and the contentment will follow. This is the season to build get use to some discomfort. Make some sacrifice now.

6) There will be setbacks, but finishing and winning is about
stick-to-it-tive-ness, never give up, never go back, never stop. Set the goals, keep them in front of you commit to them, push, stay humble, stay focus.

7) Work your butt off, you have to be willing to put in the time and energy, heights that great men reach and kept…… long days, long nights, fully beat, mash-up, crushed are all a part of the journey. Hard work is unavoidable to the ambitious man or woman. Make a budget, save your money, live below your means. Invest get your money to start working for you.

8) Believe in yourself develop self-confidence, create a system, work your system knock out the small accomplishments, that will help to build your self-esteem. Write down your goals review them at least every two weeks make sure you are not slacking up.

9) Use your time well it is precious and its main characteristic is that it keeps dying, take a lot of action, be radical, double up on those action, and raise your standards constantly. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FAIL. It is prerequisite for success. Take a risk, give it a shot.

10) The only disability in life is a bad attitude….. Give up your excuses, lower your fingers; get in touch with your mirror. You are responsible for your own life.