Often as we embark on the journey of life somewhere in the struggle   maybe when we transition to adulthood and even when we go through lows and sometimes when we are flying too high. We are to some extent highly vulnerable. It is against that back ground that we in the crisis of the experience falter in judgment and consequently find our self-falling victims to situations that turn out to impact our lives many years after, consequences that stuck with us. Nothing is usually seriously wrong with these error in judgement what is more the problem is getting caught in a cycle of  these poor decisions.

In all the pangs and toils we make some permanent decisions over a temporary situation. So we end up with wives, husbands, baby fathers, business partners, friends, assets, bills, court cases etc.

When you reflect for the love of God you cannot imagine what was going through your head

You can’t figure out how you could have blundered so badly, not that you think you are perfect but it is so darn obvious you want to kick yourself. There might be a couple of issues going on in your consciousness that you might need to address so you ensure you don’t unconsciously end up with the same horrible results in the future except that you took a different route to get there. Some of the main things you might need to examine and adjust are:

Discover who you are, not the mask you put on to fit in, be true to yourself, with the understanding that those who you are trying to impress don’t always matter.

Set your standards, know what you want and don’t settle, if you think you must have a partner and a car and red bottoms at all cost, then you will comprise away your entire self to fulfil these desires, eventually you will be unhappy trying to adjust yourself to fit into situations that is really not you because you have sold yourself short. If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything. Tame your desires, energy is finite, life is finite, money is but human desires are infinite.

Live by principle: it is about doing the right thing; someone once said what is each day but a series of conflict between what is right and what is easy. Don’t skip over the details; the devil is in the details. The road might be longer and more painful but it will lead you to an oasis. The short easy route turns into outright desert down the route. Tell yourself this every temptation to choose the path of least resistance: “everybody must pay to play; you can either pay now and play later or play now and pay later.

Learn from your mistakes or you will be doomed to repeat them it is senseless to be repeating the same drama for years only with a different label on it.

Make sure to do a matchup between: who you are, your goals, your priorities in one column and your friends, your work, what you read, watch, talk about and expose yourself to.

Now and appreciate your strength and weaknesses often we have a good thing going but we are so naïve, proud or stubborn we would never ask for help even in the areas that are not our strengths we try to do it all: small holes develop in the ship and slowly it goes under.

Learn not only from your mistakes but from the mistakes of those around you success and failure leaves clues. Understand systems and procedures develop a teachable spirit, you can’t know it all.

Quit running down yourself, be patient, come up for air pull back and look in often you miss so much because you are caught up on the inside. Meditate, take walks, spend some time I silence, you mind think you can’t make the time but later you find that you really couldn’t afford to not make the time.

Your health cannot be put off, that is seriously senseless, how can health be sacrificed for wealth,

Who will benefit from the wealth? So the doctor says an apple a day do you imagine that you can wait until the end of the month and eat all 31 apples?

Cover the down side; studies suggest that 75% of us will have a major disaster in 10yrs. By some insurance, save some money, live well with people.  It is not about avoidance we all will hit snags and rough times the word is MITIGATION. If you are at ten and trouble come and you fall to 5. It is easier to build than if the first sign of trouble you hit rock bottom.

Your life is a summation of your decisions, you must learn to keep things in the best possible balance one of the worst thing to happen to a person who has been through the roughest of time is to find themselves at the brink of a turn around after years of stress and cannot capitalize on the opportunity because they made a dumb move during the storm and it stands In the way of change and opportunity.

Threads carefully not cowardly, keep yourself at a level, put in some stops, hold your ground be ready….stay ready…… LET NO ONE OR NOTHING CORRUPT YOUR PATH OR, SCAR YOUR FUTURE…. IT JUST NOT WORTH IT.

And if you take away nothing from this post remember this line and let it soak into your consciousness “NEVER BEHAVE OR THINK FOR A MINUTE THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW, YOUR PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES IN LIFE IS WHAT WILL ALWAYS BE HAPPENING.”