booksThe mark of an educated mind is the ability to entertain a thought without accepting it.. Albert Einstein

Education and intelligence is not one and the same, we often assume that a person with scholastic skills, with degrees and letters to their names are automatically intelligent, far from the truth.

Intelligence is more measured in application than in theory. It has more components to it there is morale, judgment, experience awareness and enlightenment mixed into it.

Our intelligence is sharpened when we are tolerant of opposing views and as we embark on learning that broaden our horizon. We develop a tendency to be  more open-minded and develop a teachable spirit.

We must seek enlightenment if we are to navigate the complex, dynamic world we live in today.

Your opinions no matter how informed you think you are, are not necessarily facts.

You may be right today and wrong tomorrow, these days right is time sensitive.

Your level of intelligence will determine in a major way the quality of the conversation you get pulled into. If you get into a dumb debate, you must know when to call it quit. A lot of times you will find that as your experiences increase, your judgment improve and as you learn and gather more knowledge you become more effective in its application, there by your intelligence improve. Intelligence is heavily tied to doing and embodying the experiences that arise out of actions.

Most of us see intelligence and knowledge as destination, we think, Ok, I know a lot I have done all this I am good. That is a serious mistake to make in life.

The man who has working knowledge and does well to apply it, stands very well as an intelligent person. As your knowledge becomes dated and what you know no longer works, you invariable start to look and sound like a fool. Now you may still sound intelligent but you have no workable knowledge of a specific area, nothing is wrong with that if you can admit it and move on to improve or move to something else. Where the problem comes in is if you are too arrogant to admit that you are not equipped to handle the task. In that case though you may seem intelligent, in real terms you cannot  be labelled as being intelligent if you are over run with ego and arrogance?  At least I don’t think so.

To my mind enlightenment is the foundation of intelligence, being aware and displaying an outlook that embodies fundamental principles of life and how what you know and do match up with real life outcomes, is ultimately the judge of your intelligence.

Our acceptance of core principles and the well thought out application of these principles is the mark of an intelligent mind, application being the operative word not on paper and not in eloquent speech.

One writer put it brilliantly when it comes to application of knowledge which I believe is the starting point of intelligence, I quote:  It is not enough to be smart in thought, to simply nod your head in acknowledgement of knowledge, but to act accordingly.end quote. The man who has knowledge and don’t use it is no better than the ignorant man.

Intelligence is tested against the greater good, may not be good for all but right for most, intelligence is therefore linked to truth, universal truth.