open arms

There is a saying that goes wishes shows up in conversation expectation shows up in behavior.

As goal setting creatures and creatures of habit, I am sure any regular person with average awareness and understand that our ability to manage ourselves, determine the results we get.

We all have the capabilities, the power, and the competence to achieve what we dream of our used to dream of.

We all know enough but few people actually do enough and even fewer do more than enough.

Here is a concept the natural order of the universe is abundance, nature supply everything thing in extreme abundance, more land, water, energy, mineral, food, ideas than we can ever use. The matter of how well it is distributed is another subject. My point though is: if you do not operate from a place of abundance then you are going against the flow of nature. Abundance in the area that you feel in your spirit is congruent with your purpose. You were born with your purpose , many of us gaze at others who have developed their own talents and abilities in amazing and awe to the extent that we fail to realize that we have something I us that is waiting to be developed and benefit the world. Warren Buffet has a quote that goes: SOME ONE IS SITTING IN THE SHADE TODAY BECAUSE SOMEONE PLANTED A TREE MANY YEARS AGO.

I believe as human beings we should effect positivity, create, impact in such a way that our gift can be felt far and wide directly and indirectly. You may not touch a life in Australia but the power, dedication and intent with which you touch your child, the neighbor, a friend or coworkers life, they may one day touch a million lives all because made your life matter.

Never accept the reality that the outer world present in the morning to pull you into its own folly and confusion, live from inside out from your own sense of awareness, values and principles.

Be great, be powerful, be pure in your thoughts and that will me manifested in your life and the things you attract, the universe is  one big energy field, connect to the positive and you will live a positive life.

Troubles and negativity are unavoidable, if you are centered and anchored from within you will be able to repel them and keep it together as you ride out the storm.

If you believe in nothing or if you are anchored to nothing you are at the mercy of what life throws you and as sure as night turns to day, adversities will come. You will never know your true strength until you have come up against challenges. You however can build a base of reference and inner strength to draw on and develop for the days when life calls you to battle.

As the proverb 24:10 if you faint in the day of adversities your strength is small.

Never be a follower at least not at the expense of your own principles, core beliefs and agenda.

It serves all of us to be morally strong and mentally fluid, as Dr. Carlston said in one of his books; be mindful that one day you will wake up and everything will change. I will follow that up with a quote I read somewhere that said: all I have learned in life can be summed up in three words “It Goes On”.

So today: WHILE YOU LIVE YOUR REALITY REMEMBER THAT THERE IS ALSO A POSSIBILITY TO LIVE YOUR POTENTIAL. A person need not concern his/her self with the full picture down the road, you will never be sure of that, it is about getting on the right path and finding courage, knowledge and faith to take the next step. Your instinct, God and the universe will attract to you what you desire as long as you are operating in your God given dominating ability. A person in this talent zones will stumble upon ideas, concept and strategies that he couldn’t even imagine.

Get Out The Noise…. Find Your Self….. Make your mark, deliver what you brought. You have come too far to not throw your stone.