fight in the dogWP
In my Facebook  blog group I concluded yesterday’s post with the above statement and one of my readers asked that I elaborate a little more on it. I thought long and hard about how to expound on it. Maybe because I take being tough for granted because of the way I grew up and how humble I am it seems easy to me.
The first thing that came to mind though as I ponder is something David Brinkley said: a successful person is a person who can take all the bricks the world, people, life and circumstances throw at him/her and lay a perfect foundation with them. So the boy or girl who is to become a great man or woman has to have the tenacity of mind and spirit to overcome 1000 obstacles and 1000 repulses. I will also quote Charles Darwin: it is not the strongest or the most intelligent of the specie that survive and excel it is the one most responsive to change…. Your ability to ADOPT and ADJUST!!, and as my dear Grandma…Ms Adlyn (God bless her soul) would put it: A broad back and thick skin build barns and soft shell and “wear on collar feelings” plant corn.
Let me tell you as you press towards your goals, you will be tested in some of the toughest ways you can ever begin to imagine, you determination, resilience and drive will have to solid otherwise you are going to detour and clutch on to the nearest comfort zone that you see all your peers hanging on to and parading a fantasy that they are living the good, glamorous and perfect life.
We have become soft, reactive and coward as times goes by and as the world correct itself and technology reigns the chicken is slowly coming home to roost, it is not only because times are hard but as times get harder we get softer because we are lost. We go on autopilot, we seek a system and a routine that is normal and so called safe, though we are miserable, struggling and dying slowly.
Gone are the days when a degree, inheritance, a novel idea, a good job or talent by themselves could get you there and keep you there. Since globalization… you have got to be SOLID to even keep it, if you get it easy. Even if talent takes you somewhere that your mind can’t handle, those with the intelligence will design a “legal way to take a spoon out of your food until your plate is empty”.
They will work on your mind until you become a slave then they have you for lunch. Even with your skill, training and education the world is going to test you. Listen to me…. 20% of the people in every profession makes 80% of the money, the next 20% of the money share between the 80% of the people who are average the people that SETTLE.
Now nothing is wrong with average if you take it as a route that you pass through, the problem is when average is your destination.
If you don’t go through the process to get it, you will not possess the power to keep it, there is absolutely no short cuts if you go off on a side road you are likely to end up right back where you started. Tip of the nose thinking, a belly full or the bills month end approach, shall keep us at the brink of disaster. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS!!

Ladies and gentlemen when you knock the door of opportunity, guess what answers? hard work, discipline, dedication and resilience. If you are soft, spoil and weak, you may as well don’t bother to dream.
And let me just make this absolutely clear tough doesn’t mean you won’t cry, get depress, feel broken, lock yourself away, stop for a day a week or a month.
Tough means you will go through all that and more and get back up even with one eye, one foot, no hand, and as Churchill said to be successful you have to be able to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. There it is folks…. A constant struggle a ceaseless battle to bring success from inhospitable conditions is the price of success.

If you want good your nose have  run!! simple…..