love it…… very good post. We must train our mind to stay focus on the positive or at least be vigilant when it goes to negatives and switch right back. Our ability to manage our STATE is key, as problems will come and they tend to come right at the moment when a golden opportunity lurks. If you cannot stay positive you will blow it. Pour positive references into your mind so you can draw on them from when you must. Keep up the good work Jcee

How to decline an invite to a self pity party How to Decline An Invite To A Self Pity Party

When you think of a party, you may think of a moment of fun time.  A moment of letting your hair down lol and enjoying yourself.  This is the total opposite outcome of going to a self pity party.  It will drain the life out of you mentally and physically.  It will take your self esteem to a low level. You may forget that hope ever existed.  It will have you comparing your life to others. invite

Now, by looking at the invite above, I would not want to go.  Would you? It would be good to think of this when the invite of self pity party comes.

Self pity includes spending time and energy on what has not or what is not going on right in your life (hurts, hardships, bad times, etc).  One sure way to decline an invite…

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