At What Point Do We Become Responsible and Accountable

I will just shoot this one straight, the perennial attitude of the majority in today’s day and age is    self-obsession, look at me now, what I can do for myself what I am entitled to. There is little regard for how our actions and behavior factor into the wider community and the world.

In a real way we pursue our own selfish desires with no regard for how it affects the man next door or the man ten thousand miles away. We want the greatest of freedom and opportunity without the slightest bit of responsibility.

We live the life we live because of the advent of civilization and the advances in science and technology however we are seriously plugged into the benefits and mindlessly avoid the duties and responsibilities.

We see ourselves more as having a right other than enjoying a privilege, as a result whatever comes to us in terms of means and opportunity it is used in a selfish and sometimes destructive way.

First thing a person will tell you, is that they owe no one anything, why doesn’t he go to another planet or go into full isolation and let us see how you feel about that statement then.

The idea of community is the very foundation on which we are able to live the live we currently enjoy if we betray this concept continually we will find that the atrocities that come upon us worsen as times go by.

If everybody is pointing a figure no one thinks they have a responsibility is like the guy I saw as I was about to enter the barber shop, throwing his empty box on the road side then a few minutes after he is in the barber shop talking about he cannot believe the behavior of the younger generation.

A next guy was hyped in the debate contending that education and role models is what the youths need and in my next visit to the barber shop he was there with his son who seems to be around 7 years old standing beside him while he was lacing his mother on the phone in the most disrespectful way.   Can you fandom that level of double standards, ignorance and hypocrisy?

As the singer said “nobody wants to plant the corn everybody wants to raid the barn”.

The handover, avoidance, shirking and abandonment of our responsibility as members of a family, community, country, nation and a world are seriously retarding our social and humanitarian progress in a huge way.

As Mother Teresa once told a reporter many years ago when the reporter ask how can I contribute to world peace? She said go home and love your family.  It all starts with us, being the change we want to see in the world.

Ultimately less we forget as Warren Buffet put it: someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree 20 years go.

As Einstein said it has become glaring obvious that our social humanity is seriously logging behind our technology.  Whatever you withdraw from let us we willing to deposit to, in a real, long term and thoughtful sort of way.

We all have a role to play.