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Money Matters

We live in the free world, let no one make you feel guilty for making money or wanting to make money. If you want to be rich, be rich, if you want to be a millionaire go for it I will warn you against aiming to be comfortable.Comfortable and not rich can be temporary, it means you can’t take a visit from one of life curb balls and remain standing. You need a lot of money to be comfortable and that means you need to be rich. You need enough just in case after that just in case and a couple other just in case. Don’t think for a minute you are immune to the series of adversities you see people on the news experience. Its call life and it happen to the just and the unjust.

It is not true that money is the root of all evil. Look you can find evil in everything,more wars have been fought in the name of religion than for any other reasons. Isn’t religion suppose to be the greatest organized force against evil.  All types of people are evil both rich and poor, It is the mind that dictates the deed not the object. Do not demonize success as a therapy for your failure and your neglect to actualize your full potential.It is a greater form of evil to try to envy people who took the long journey to wealth while others take the path of least resistance. The man who make the sacrifice has a right to take is pay day, you cashed in when he was grinding, now he gets to cash in, when you are wining.

No matter what you think, who you are, where you live: an empty purse and a phone calls from a collector is not an uplifting voice on a bad day. That sounds more like the root of evil to me. I heard an advertising mogul gave  what I consider to be the best definition of money I have ever heard, here goes: money is not something to be use as a means of showing off flashy things, it is more a tool to offer you the opportunity to compromise little as you choose. It is miserable to live in a sense of perpetually scarcity, especially in a world of abundance. Ever have to walk six blocks, because there is no near parking and you budget is tight you have to double think valet parking? that’s not so bad what if you reach 60 years old and have to do that?

Financial freedom is one of the outstanding marks of success as maslow thoery suggest lower level needs must be met before higher level needs comes in to focus.A man must have food, shelter, clothing before you can ask him to think about the ozone layer and his community. I am not advocating that your greed or suggesting that money should be your main focus. I am simply saying that as you pursue your purpose  and achieve mastery in your skilled area, do make every effort to grow your finances, learn how money works, manage your money, make as much of it as you can, secure your financial future. 

I don’t need to preach to you on how much great people there are who has done extremely well at the game, work hard, live honest lives, only to find out in the old age that they have become broke, sick and miserable. They failed to respect money and spend time to understand investment.

With that said, I am here to tell you, I don’t care how much you earn, how much you are worth, what your goals are. You had better learn about income, investments, passive income and money management, insurance, retirement and savings. I am pretty sure that no matter how much you love what you do even if you want to work for ever, nobody wants to work forever on other people’s terms. You want to be on your own terms and that urge gets stronger the older you get.

So as you follow your dream, as you do it for the love of it, as you get better at it, watch the income side, the time will come when you will need it to solve a real problem and how accomplished will you feel if you are helpless and unable to rise to the occasion and fix a problem for a love one, or better yet fix a personal problem.

Remember the saying it takes cash to care…..


The is not much difference between the man who can’t read and the man who don’t read. Especially in these times that Peter Drucker describe as the age of the three “C”

Overwhelming change, increasing competition and complexity.  One writer said my tombstone will be my diploma. Commit yourself to a life time of learning and growing.

Notice if you are in the bank, in the airport, on a plane, in the doctor’s office, anywhere people have time on their hands:most people are buried in their phones,sleeping or doing some other time killing activity and as they kill time, time is slowly killing them and killing itself. Most people waste time gazing in the direction of frivolities,trivialities, environmental and commercially generated  distractions or sleeping. Anything to pass the time.Then they complain that they cannot find time to do anything. Only to wake up one day staring in envy at the accomplishments of those who choose discipline and focus. They worked you held down a job. They set goals you wake up and let life happened to you. They were playing the role of thermostat (setting the temperature) you were playing the role of thermometer (checking the temperature). If you spend an hour a day on the bus or train, that is 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month. 240 hours a year. What could you learn in half that amount of time… 120 hours. Lets say 5 hours per book that would mean 24 books per year. Go for half that if you choose, still pretty good.

Manage your time, manage your life, don’t be distracted, try not to spend your time rehearsing in your head all the things that you have to do or that’s bothering you over and over again. Manage your mental state, switch your thoughts to empowering ones.

Invest your time, you have spent enough a book is a good place to start.


Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” Golda Meir

Financial Behavior

Here is what the typical  middle class expenses profile looks like as a percentage of income:

Food & Shelter/household items                        60%

Educational:                                                      0%

Recreation&Clothing                                          35%

Insurance /saving / pension/investment             5%

I don’t have to tell you that the above table is a dangerous dynamic. A vast portion of this dilemma is embedded in something I heard Will Smith said: We spend money we don’t have to buy things we don’t want, to impress people we don’t like. If you are working to put on a show, you are seriously disillusioned and you are heading for financial disaster.Winging it by credit cards, lease and hire purchase agreements is bound to catch up on you and come crashing down on you, in a very serious way.

I heard the founder of an advertising firm in an interview defined money in a rather interesting way, he said: Money is not a means of showing off or acquiring items to exhibit your financial abilities. It is meant to be a tool that offers its holder as less compromise as possible. I find this definition to be very, very accurate.

The operative word there being COMPROMISE. I am not trying to glorify riches or financial freedom but I will put it like Chinese billionaire  founder of Alibaba put it;

“We where born to enjoy life, not to spend it working, grinding away our minds and body until we die”. I know of no one who wish to work their life away.

Let me point out I am saying you don’t need, nice, expensive stuff, long vacations etc. All I am saying is:

Make the sacrifice now, build income streams,understand the need to resist instant gratification, focus on building to a level where you can earn without having to punch the clock.

You will need the resources to finance your kids education, to maintain you in your old age and to keep yourself from desperate and dire circumstances should life deal you a rough patch. And to provide you the opportunity to compromise as little as possible.

Do what you want, when you want and how you want,don’t waste your money, make a budget, cut the unnecessary stuff out, pack your lunch, eat out less, converse, use things in moderation, take care of the things you have. Get all categories of insurance, invest your money, you would be surprise how much it accumulate to overtime. Live more conservative, live below your means, your aim is to widen the gap as much as possible between your income and expenses.

Money makes a great slave and a terrible master, learn how to manage your money. I don’t care how smart you are and how well paid you are or how secure your job is. Don’t try to fit in, people don’t really care about you for the most part. i always remember this saying: when I was a teenager all I cared about was what people think of me, when I was forty I didn’t give a damn, when I turn sixty I realize nobody gives a sh.. about me.


In the United States the greatest nation on earth only 50% of the politicians thinks social security will be feasible in 15 years time what if that disappear. I don’t have to sell you on how your company looks at benefits these days, the corporate world is busy pulling every stunt there is to cut benefits,employee schemes and anything they can to grow profits.

The only way to secure your future is to take control of it, plan for it,  Set your goals, keep learning and act on your plan. Everything else is huge gamble and the odds are stacked against you.

Go ahead buy a piggy bank, sell some of the stuff you have going to waste around the house, open an investment account, work on your business, find away to pursue your dreams in such away that it will build goodwill and passive returns for you overtime.

As Dave Ramsey like to say: live like no other so later no other will be able to live like you.

Take away what you will, I am never worried about you learning, I am worried about you doing.

Go For Excellence….. FLY

Be a person of excellence…… Your highest self, give your all, devote  all of your being into the task at hand.  Be present, when you work, engulf yourself into what you are doing. Learn, analyse,interpret, apply…..

Work, act, think with poise, confidence and enthusiasm, that is how you get better results. When the quality of your results improve, raise your standards, do it better…

Never settle for normal, or average or good enough, every additional shot you get at it, explore tweaks that can add value and quality to what you do, regardless of how small that addition is.

You are not in a race, you are not in a competition, your only worthy aim is to be the very best you can be. The most basic way to do that is to believe in yourself, find your purpose, set your goals, commit to them and then MAKE LEARNING A WAY OF LIFE NOT A PART OF LIFE. Twenty years from now you will have more regrets about the things that you didn’t do that the things you did.

You are never done,you are never too old, I already told you there is no such thing as stability, you either grow or ultimately you slip back.

Refuse to conform, refuse to give in, you are waiting on nothing, everything is waiting on you. There is never a perfect time. Push against it, learn a little more, adjust the strategy, keep digging. You owe it to yourself your kids and the world, leave your mark.

You are enjoying the internet, air transportation, telephone, choice of food etc. because people before you and around you, decided to leave their mark. As Warren Buffet said a person is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a seed a long time ago.

Make your move, give it a shot, stop holding back and stop burying the light that is trying to shine from within. As Brian Tracey wrote: you may not be able to change your destination overnight but you can change your direction

You were born for a purpose…. YOU HAVE COME THIS FAR…. THROW YOUR STONE!!!!

Remember this as you get going it is a mantra I live by and constantly work to fulfill it is from the bible: Whatsoever thine hands findeth to do, do it with all thy might.

At the end of it all if the luxury of long life is afforded to you remember this quote from Jim Rohn: Every man must suffer from two pain: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret, only difference is the pain of discipline weighs ounces and the pain of regret weighs tons.

If you think setting your goals and working towards them is hard, wait until you get the bill for not doing so….

Hard now, easy later. easy now, hard later.

Which do you prefer 10 years of luxury followed by 25 yrs of misery… or would 35 years of a meaningful future be more suitable.

Health Goals

If you are going to ignore your health, you may as well ignore your goals or be prepared to reap significantly less benefits or no benefit at all, from your sacrifice and years of work.

Makes no sense to be sick and successful, especially lifestyle sicknesses you could have avoided.

You don’t need drastic actions, one go, make a health plan and incrementally pursue it.

Don’t wait for a signal from your body or the doctor, start by making small changes, commit to them and gradually you will reap big rewards.

Eat less, move more, eat earlier, reduce the snacking, watch the salts, sugar and grease, read your labels, stay away from the mystery ingredients.

Take care of yourself, take care of your family.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Increments

As you seek to accomplish that which you set out to do. Be not discouraged or overwhelmed by the magnitude of the obstacles on the journey.

As one writer puts it: the journey of a million miles begin with a single step.

Rest assured that the inches you need to succeed are every where around you and the will and creativity to weave those inches together lies within you.

Go for what you desire, there is no shortage of anything in this world, you are here, its a huge ocean, put away your teaspoon, pick up your bucket, take enough water from the ocean.  If one find themselves deep among the many obstacles and challenges, steep into the war zone, throw your stone, you have already come this far, shoot from the hip if you have no room to extend an arm.

Be bold, be courageous, be grateful, be positive, set yourself free.


Excellence habit


Everything that is accessible to you is not always nourishment.

Only criteria to get on route to your success is your YES!

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